Vibha Corporation Switchgear Product Range

M.V. Switchgear [up to 36kV] to IEC 62271-200

11kV Switchboard at Sinner MIDC Pumping Station
11kV SwitchBoard Under Inspection
  • 12kV Internal Arc tested VCB panels incorporating withdrawable VCBs
  • 36kV Indoor VCB Panels incorporating withdrawable VCBs up to -25kA, 2500 Amps
  • 36kV Outdoor withdrawable VCB Panel (KIOSK)
  • 6.6kV/11kV Vacuum Contactor Panels for Pumping Stations
  • 12kV/24kV Indoor Metal Clad Load Break Switch Panels to line up with our panels.
  • Control & Relay Panels for PCVCB
  • Adaptor Panels for coupling with old Switchgear at site
  • Handling Trolleys for VCBs/ACBs
  • Outdoor Metal Clad Load Break Switches in Kiosks
  • Metering Units up to 36 kV for OEMs
  • Outdoor Kiosk for RMU line up
  • Custom built PT panels
  • Earthing trolleys to suit our Panels
12kV Internal Arc Tested VCB Panel
11 kV Panel with doors Open
12kV VCB Panel in Service
33kV VCB OutDoor kiosk
33kV Indoor VCB Panel
11 kV Panel with doors Open
11 kV Panel with doors Open
11kV Out door VCB plus LBS Panel

Special Switchgear Products for Renewable Energy sector

  • 36kV Outdoor VCB KIOSK for Wind Turbine
  • 36kV Skid Mounted Panel [SMS] for wind Farms
  • Turn-key Skid Mounted Substation Contracts for Wind Farms [SMS]
  • Compact Secondary Substation (CSS)
  • 12kV/36kV Indoor panels incorporating withdrawable VCBs.
  • 12kV/36kV outdoor Kiosk incorporating withdrawable VCBs

33 kV OutDoor kiosk with doors open
33 kV OutDoor kiosk with doors open
33kV VCB Panel with Doors open

L V Switchgear for Industrial Applications to IEC 61439

  • 690 Volt 2000 AMP Stand Alone Outdoor LT Panel type tested to IEC 61439
  • 415 VAC PCC/MCC panels fully type tested to IEC 61439 (form 4B)
  • 415 VAC APFC Panels
  • Power Distribution Boards
  • DG Synchronising panels
  • Automatic Source Transfer Panels
  • Auto-Mains failure panels [AMF]
  • Automation Panels

Compact Sub-Stations/Package Sub-Stations for Building sector

  • 11kV/22kV/33kV Complete touchproof Factory Built Metal enclosed substation incorporating Transformer, LV and MV Switchgear as per Customer requirements[CSS/PSS].
  • RMU  lineup installed in OutDoor weatherproof Kiosk
12kV Compact Sub-Station
36kV Wind Farm Panel installed in SKID Mounted Sub-Station in Renewable Energy

ABB products available with us

  • M V Ring Main Units[RMU]
  • PCVCBs for 11kV/33kV
  • Outdoor Kiosk for RMU line up
  • PT panels up to 33kV
36kV Earthing Trolley
33kV and 11kV 40kA VCB handling Trolley
ACB Handling Trolley
VCB handling Trolley

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